We are professionals and our testimonials speak volumes. We make our business to make you a success on Instagram. We do offer to cancel anytime option and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product. We aim to have a long journey together. The only way we can do that is by putting your needs first.

Absolutely! Consider our service more like a ‘backburner’ to your account so we handle the engagement and let you keep doing what you do. We don’t deal with content or anything else.

SocialWorx is a Managed service meaning we log in to your account daily to perform the designated tasks and we must be able to have your login details to do so.

Our service does not breach any of Instagram’s Policies and we never had any issue with a single client.

No. We offer organic growth and it fully depends on people interacting with your page. We will work closely to get you to the numbers you wish to target a month. But it would require work on both sides. We will put you in front of people accounts, but you would have to deliver on content for them to follow you.

We would start by using targets that you provide us. However, sometimes targets might not be precise enough to bring you the correct audience. In order for us to make adjustments and deliver great results to you, we would need you to send us examples of users that are not the ones you are after. In this case, we will be able to adjust your targets, as well as provide advice about your content.

We want you to be fully satisfied with our service. Therefore, if at any point you would feel that we are not satisfying your needs, just get in touch via Live Chat or e-mail: support@social-worx.com and we will cancel your account.

With us everything is easy, just e-mail us on support@social-worx.com or reach out through Live Chat and we will be happy to help you out. Expect to receive a new subscription agreement to be sent to you via e-mail for payment. If you would wish to downgrade your account, we can prorate the difference towards your next payment or just issue you with a refund.

In a way. You will be charged monthly on the same day as your first initial payment with us. So you decide when this date will be.

When we will be setting up your account, we would require to login into your account. That might be seen by Instagram as suspicious activity, therefore, it would ask to verify login attempt. Usually, it would be just a message you receive on your app screen or e-mail, that would ask you to approve the attempt. Please do so, if you receive an e-mail or text from us asking about that.

Unfortunately no. We would not be able to work efficiently with this setting. As our experts would require to login into your account multiple times during the day to make sure you reach your goals. And it is impossible with this security setting.

We encourage you to keep your account in public, as it would allow people to engage with your content and subscribe for it based on their interest. It would ensure you are getting the audience you are after rather than people who are just curious to see your account and than potentially unsubscribe from it straight after.

We do offer loyalty discounts to our long-term customers as well as referral program to earn credits towards your next bill. Contact our support team to find out more about it – support@social-worx.com


How can you achieve a massive Instagram following? Look no further than our team of creative and experienced social media experts who spend their days identifying your niche audience, engaging them and enticing them to follow you. Our social hackers identify real accounts – not robots, or ‘fake followers’. Our deep reach and commitment ensures that your account will grow quickly and organically. Once on board we’re all yours. Sleep? Sleep is for the weak – SocialWorx HQ is buzzing all day and night (we love coffee). Working on your account 24/7, maintaining steady growth and maximizing results is what we do best.


Join our unique and revolutionary Managed POD Service, designed to increase your reach to your growing fan-base. A POD is a group of Instagrammers working together, typically on WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook, sending out signals when a new post is up to influence the rest of the group to share or comment, boosting your algorithm score. It’s a communal way of collaborating to improve everyone’s reach and is a highly effective engagement tool. We take this time-consuming work out of your hands and make your POD time count.


Not sure about something? Drop us a line, we insist!